The MoveApp Marketplace is an integrated platform specifically designed to facilitate the trading of in-game items. It is an exclusive space where players can buy, sell, lease, and rent items, contributing to the unique dynamics and economy of the game.

This is the central location for all transactions related to in-game items. From rare and exclusive shoes to energy and mystery boxes, everything can be traded in our Marketplace. Each item has its own market value, creating a dynamic and constantly evolving environment, filled with opportunities for players.

Players also have the possibility to list their own items for sale or lease. This means that the items you acquire or win during your journey in MoveApp can be converted into tokens, helping you to progress faster in the game.

The MoveApp Marketplace is proprietary to the project, developed with the goal of providing the best possible experience for users, ensuring secure and reliable transactions. It acts as a fundamental pillar of our ecosystem, creating a perfect intersection between the game's economy, social interaction, and gameplay strategy.

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