⏊Getting Started

To begin your journey on MoveApp, you have a few options that involve the use of sneakers, which will be your initial and primary tool to face the game's challenges:

  1. Use the Granny's Slipper to get a taste of the experience of achieving small gains while practicing physical activities and starting your journey in the fitness world;

  2. Rent sneakers from other players with better features and attributes, thus making more gains during your exercise hours but paying for the rental.

  3. Buy your own sneakers and be able to level up and leverage your gains that will become increasingly advantageous, and have a chance to make passive income by renting sneakers above 3 stars to other players.

Daily, you will be challenged to complete five tasks, which may include the achievement of certain distances. Upon completing all five challenges, a "Mystery Box" will appear at some location near you in the city.

To find this box, you must go to the location indicated on the game map. With the augmented reality feature, you will use your phone's camera to visualize and interact with the Mystery Box in the real environment around you.

These boxes may contain a variety of prizes, ranging from tokens, through collectable player items, to other useful items for progress in the game. Each discovery is an opportunity to boost your experience on MoveApp.

The free sneakers initially provided have a limit of 20m per day.

The number of tokens you earn can be increased in several ways. One way is by finding extra tokens in Mystery Boxes. Another way is by leveling up your account. As you accumulate and retain your tokens, the level of your account increases. Each new level achieved increases the base number of tokens per meter traveled. Additionally, you can use special supplements that increase the yield of tokens per meter traveled.

Embark on this journey of exploration, challenges, and rewards with MoveApp. With every step taken, every challenge overcome, you get closer to your goal, while contributing to the promotion of a healthier and more active life.


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