The MoveApp's sneaker rental system is a great way to maximize your earnings, providing a valuable opportunity for those who do not own sneakers or cannot afford to buy one. It allows users to rent sneakers to carry out activities such as running or walking.
Initially, each user is provided with one slot in the Sneaker Rental Center. As the account level increases, more rental slots are unlocked, allowing users to have a wider variety of sneakers to rent.
When a user opts to put a pair of sneakers up for rent, it becomes available in the Sneaker Rental Center for other players to rent. When another user clicks on "Rent", a random pair of sneakers is displayed and the activity can be initiated.
There is a grace period between one rental and another, and this time depends on the level and characteristics of your sneakers. Moreover, the run must be initiated within the next 5 minutes after the rental is completed, or the rental will be cancelled.
After the activity ends, the data are calculated by the game server, and both players receive a message confirming the number of tokens earned during the activity. The distribution of tokens is as follows: 40% of the tokens go to the sneaker's owner, 40% go to the user who carried out the activity, and the remaining 20% are system fees.
This rental system promotes interaction among players, creates a constant token flow, and encourages continuous participation in MoveApp.