🎁Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are an exciting and challenging way to earn rewards in MoveApp. They are unlocked by completing daily challenges or can be purchased in our Marketplace.

Upon completing a daily challenge, a Mystery Box will appear at a specific location near you, which could be a establishment like a gym, clothing store, sneaker store, among others. To find the box, you must go to the location indicated on the app's map.

Opening these boxes can result in a variety of rewards. The chances of each type of reward are as follows:

Tokens: 40%

Consumables: 30%

Gems: 20%

Sneakers: 10%

The rarity of the sneakers found in the boxes also varies, following the distribution:

Common: 60%

Uncommon: 30%

Rare: 9%

Legendary: 1%

Therefore, opening Mystery Boxes can be a valuable way to enhance your gaming experience, allowing for the acquisition of better equipment and rewards. However, remember that the location of the Mystery Boxes may require physical displacement, making the experience even more dynamic and interactive.


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