Sneakers: Sneakers in MoveApp are not just aesthetic accessories; they play a crucial role in the game. Each pair of sneakers has specific attributes that make them more suitable for different types of activities, whether short, medium, long walks or runs.

The attributes of sneakers include:

Quality: Higher quality sneakers have superior attributes to others. Quality is ranked from 1 to 5 stars.

Durability: This attribute represents the maximum distance you can travel with a pair of sneakers. When the durability reaches zero, you can restore or change the sneakers in Mystery Boxes.

Speed: The speed indicates the ideal pace for moving and earning tokens. If you like walking, sneakers with low speed will be more suitable for you. If you prefer running, opt for faster sneakers.

Efficiency: This attribute indicates the multiplier of tokens earned per meter. An efficiency value of 1 will give a maximum of 1x the base token, while a value of 10 will give 10x the base token.

Agility: This attribute refers to the speed at which the sneakers reach their maximum efficiency. Each point of agility reduces this value by 0.1%.

Comfort: Each point of comfort allows you to travel 0.2% more distance per day.

Resistance: Each point of resistance reduces the wear of the sneakers by 0.02%, allowing the sneakers to last longer and generate more tokens.

As you advance, you can acquire better sneakers in the marketplace with tokens or win them in Mystery Boxes. These sneakers convert meters traveled into tokens according to the efficiency of the sneakers, rewarding you for your physical effort.

Consumables: These are items that provide temporary bonuses:

Efficiency: Increases the amount of tokens earned when moving by 1.3x. Repair: Restores 5% of the sneakers' durability.

Gems and Sockets: Gems, which can be equipped in Sockets, give additional benefits to the player. Each account can unlock up to five Sockets, whose unlocking is tied to the account level. Gems are available in five types: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Purple.

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