Each account in MoveApp has a total of 90 Energy points. This Energy is consumed as you move within the game, with one Energy point being subtracted for each minute of movement.

This means that each player has a limit of 90 minutes of activity per day. This limit is implemented to balance the game's economy and to encourage responsible exercise. Excessive physical activity can be harmful to health, and we want to ensure that all of our users maintain a healthy balance between physical activity and rest.

Once all Energy points have been consumed, it will no longer be possible to continue moving in the game until Energy is restored. Energy restoration occurs automatically, with all Energy points being fully recharged each new day.

This Energy system encourages a balanced and strategic use of the app, making the gaming experience more dynamic and challenging. Additionally, it is a way to ensure that all players have the opportunity to compete fairly, regardless of how much time they can dedicate to the game each day.

Levels: Progression in MoveApp is reflected through a level system ranging from 1 to 10. Players can increase the level of their accounts by saving tokens. As the level rises by achieving gains in tokens, players level up and their chances of winning better prizes increase, among them, the token multiplication factor, the reduction of the marketplace fee for both sales and purchases, the release of skill slots, and some other prizes that can help you boost in MoveApp!

This level system encourages players to save tokens and engage more deeply with MoveApp, rewarding them with increased benefits as they progress.

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