Daily Challenges: MoveApp encourages its users to stay active every day by offering five daily challenges. Completing these challenges allows users to unlock collection points for Mystery Boxes, which contain a variety of rewards.
The challenges involve activities such as running or walking, with distances increasing by 10% after each completed challenge. Initially, users will face the following goals:
1st Challenge: 500 meters 2nd Challenge: 1,000 meters 3rd Challenge: 1,500 meters 4th Challenge: 2,000 meters 5th Challenge: 2,500 meters
As users progress, the challenges become more difficult, encouraging them to improve their physical fitness and commitment to a more active lifestyle.
Missions: In addition to daily challenges, users can participate in Missions to earn additional rewards such as tokens and sneakers. Each completed mission grants points that help to level up in Missions. As users progress in levels, new rewards are unlocked, adding a rewarding progression element to MoveApp.
MoveApp's missions provide a structured path for users to reach their health and fitness goals while earning rewards along the way. Each mission is an opportunity to earn tokens and equipment, helping users to advance in the game.
And this is just the beginning! We are constantly working to bring new challenges and missions to MoveApp. Stay tuned for exciting updates and new opportunities to stay active and earn rewards.
Last modified 7mo ago