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    Walking/Running: This is the basic mode of MoveApp. To start, select a pair of sneakers and click on "Start". Make sure that the walking or running speed is in accordance with the application's indications. GPS must be activated throughout the route, although internet connection is only necessary to start the session. Once the route is completed, the collected data are sent to our server as soon as an internet connection is reestablished, and the corresponding tokens are then credited to your account.
Remember: you can choose any pair of sneakers to run with, but you can only change them after 24h. The use of consumable items is allowed at any time. In addition, it's important to fulfill the daily challenges to be able to collect the Mystery Boxes, which contain special rewards.
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    Exercise Mode (Under development): In Exercise Mode, you can choose an exercise from our list. Each exercise comes with detailed instructions and examples of how to perform it. Once you're ready to start, just click on "Start" and point your phone's camera at yourself.
Our AI will map and analyze your movements, providing real-time feedback to help you improve your technique. Furthermore, you will be rewarded according to your performance in the exercise.
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    Calorie Counter (Under development): With MoveApp, we want each of our users to be able to track their fitness progress and better understand the relationship between physical activity and calorie consumption. For this reason, we are developing an innovative calorie counter system. Let's take a look at some of the features this system will offer:
  • Real-Time Tracking: Our application will continuously monitor your physical activities, such as running, walking, and more. Using advanced algorithms, we will estimate the number of calories you burn during each activity.
  • Personalized Data: Our system will take into account factors such as weight, height, age, and gender to provide the most accurate calorie count possible. We understand that each body is unique, and we want to ensure that our system reflects this reality.
  • Daily and Weekly Reports: MoveApp will provide detailed reports that allow you to see how many calories you burned on a given day or week. These reports will be easily accessible and easy to understand.
  • Calorie Goals: You will be able to set calorie goals you wish to burn on a given day or week. The application will monitor your progress towards these goals and provide useful feedback.
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    Gym Mode (Under development): Check-in with any of our partner gyms, train daily, and earn benefits. We value the dedication and effort of our users, and that's why we have partnerships with various gyms. These partnerships are just one more way we encourage an active and healthy lifestyle while rewarding your dedication.
In addition to benefiting our users, these partnerships also bring greater visibility to our project. By collaborating with renowned gyms, we expand our presence and recognition in the market, which in turn increases trust and interest in our application. So, remember to check-in whenever you're training!